Release Tension

and Pain


Relieve Anxiety

and Depression





Qi Treatment

Qi treatments are the first introcuction to receiving Qi energy and to open the energy meridians or pathways in the body. They relieve pain, tension, emotions and restore energy levels. They are given by Qi treatment practitioners who are trained to transmit Qi energy. Their sensitivity and insight can also highlight the cause and severity of energy blockages that may be affecting your life.

Qi Classes

Qi classes are 'Path to Oneness', restoring our connection with the source and ourselves. The classes involve chanting, slow movements and meditation and help you to reenergise and see more deeply and clearly into your mind so you can begin to change your habits and feelings to create positivity and vitality.

Family Healing

Family healing is a profound and spiritual program to purify the energy of deceased ancestors and clear the karma that has been passed down through the family lineage. It restores clear energy to the family and shows respect to the root of your life. Many people have found this program creates the stimulus for change in blocked or difficult areas of their lives. Helping heal ancestors brings us closer to the source.

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