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Oneness Qi Healing is an ancient Korean Qi Healing Art based on the understanding of a human being as 'a microcosm' in which the same governing principle of macrocosm is applied: they are Yin and Yang and Five Elements.

Oneness is Dao,Sunyata and Mindfulness before divided into duality.

Oneness Qi is ‘The First Light, Energy and Vibration’ emanated from the Oneness that creates and animates the whole universe. It is the initial celestial element that originates Yin and Yang, Five Elements and all creations.

Within the microcosm of man, the human body, qi flows and circulates through the meridians and supplies energy to the organs functioning properly.  

From small nameless wild flowers to a human being who is the lord of creation keep their lives by performing the qi circulating activity.

Qi is involved with all biological functions and circulates throughout meridians reaching the entire human body. The Qi Medicine is to ensure the unobstructed flow of qi. When qi is strengthened or balanced, it can improve health and ward off or slow the progression of disease and even reverse the progression. Qi medicine considers sickness or pain, a result of the qi blockage or unbalanced qi energy in the body.

Humans often deviate from Dao, the Way of Life.

Oneness Qi Healing is a way of going back to the Oneness state bringing our mind, body and spirit as ‘Oneness’ recovering the authentic state of being: Health and Happiness.

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The Aging Process and the Five Elemental Phases

The human body is a microcosm of the universe, in which the same principles and proceedings of the universe are applied.  Not knowing the fundamental truth about life, from where humans originate and to where they are going, we are easily swayed by the constant change of our desires and emotions, losing inner peace and happiness which clouds the qi in our bodies and blocks qi energy channels.  Impeded flow of qi energy in our body causes mental and physical distress, pain and even some incurable diseases.

The aging process is in fact simply change of qi occurring in the body. The human is born full of qi-energy and human life ends when that qi-energy is depleted. The aging process is a map of life that everyone goes through without fail. In a word, life is change, and what is actually changing is qi.

Every human being is born with a combination of the five elements (wood, water, fire, metal and earth) and this is what creates a body and mind with a particular constitution. It is essential to understand one’s constitution to maintain the Qi flow and good health.

  1. Constitution

  2. Family Qi Energy Pattern

① At age 10, qi energy flows well along the energy channels; thus function of the internal organs is settled.

② At age 20, qi energy flow is in utmost condition and people walk fast.

③ At age 30, the internal organs are fully matured and qi energy circulates actively, thus people walk well.

④ At age 40, there is no more change and development in qi energy flow and the internal organs; people start losing

     complexion and people like to sit more often.

⑤ At age 50, the liver-energy is weakened, gall is depleted, and eyesight weakens.

⑥ At age 60, the heart-energy is weakened, qi energy flow weakens; and people are easily stressed by worries and

     sadness and want to lie down more.

⑦ At age 70, the stomach-energy is weakened; and skin dries.

⑧ At age 80, the lung-energy is weakened; and people lose mental clarity and focus.

⑨ At age 90, the kidney-energy is weakened; people lose weight and become weak.

⑩ At age 100, the internal organs weaken; people become mentally weak.


It has already been 20 years since I began studying Qi training and Qi healing in 1991. I was a seminary student majoring in Religious Studies, at Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, Texas. My theological interest had gone beyond the institutional religions toward “Oneness Spirituality,” including all, and never distinguishing or discriminating one from another. Oneness spirituality should be lived out in actual context; and the context is where healing happens and that is where God’s presence is in our time. All religions are about changing human hearts so that we recover our damaged or lost authentic humanity and whole being.

The question is, how do we bring the heart to change? The Eastern philosophers and medieval monastery movement have commonalities in the way they practice contemplation to change their hearts and attain enlightenment, but they differ in that while monks neglect “soma,” the physical being, the Eastern philosophers pursue mind, body and spiritual integration and enlightenment together. The difference originates from their fundamental understanding of the human; The Christian understanding of a human is that the spirit is the true self and the body is the lower part of a human being which causes everlasting desires and sins, also known as dualism. Eastern qi philosophers consider the human being as a trinity of mind, body and spirit which are connected and influence each other, called monism.

People are always swayed by their own desires and emotions not knowing that the effect on the qi energy flow in their bodies has a direct influence on the physical body, such as hormone balance, autonomic nervous system, blood pressure, heart rate, and the immune system. But how do we calm our minds and keep inner peace and tranquility and induce beneficial change in the body? If we can find a way to calm our minds, then we can maintain an optimal flow of qi energy in the body and create beneficial responses of the autonomic nervous system and immune system.

Meditation is about attaining realization or enlightenment based on a healthy body, mind and spirit; for this we practice qi training, calming the mind and collecting qi in the body. It is indeed self-healing and a kind of preventive medicine that can slow down the progress and eventual reverse of stressrelated diseases. It had been practiced by Oriental qi medicine1 practitioners a long time ago and now is being revived today, even by modern alternative medical practitioners.

“Wise men heal before getting ill; but the medical doctor cures when symptoms occur. This is meditation, healing the mind before symptoms develop.”  Dongeuibogam, a Korean medical book written in 1613 by Heo Jun.

‘Oneness Qi Healing’ seeks to create a global community of people gathered together to practice qi management and share qi energy in order to create healthy and happy lives for all. Wherever “healing” happens is where the divine presence is. It is where we as humans can act out our faith in the presence and the spirituality of “love and life,” in our times, and this cultivation and sharing of qi has been my way of acting out what I believe.

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