Family Healing

Family Healing

The history
Eastern tradition or ancestor respect.
We are born with the light and spirit of Heaven.
We are given the sacred duty to take care of all living creatures and the natural world. We are here to enjoy the beauty of the universe with our goodhearted and generous nature. When we reach the end of our life, we should return to our origin, Heaven, with a brighter light. This is the sacred purpose of human life. 

Yet human beings have lost their bright spirit over many generations. We suffer ill-health and unhappiness and at the end of our lives, our spirit and the spirit of our ancestors are not bright enough to return. 

Ancestral healing is a sacred practice of devotion to regain the mind of Heaven we were with. We can enlighten our ancestors to return to their origin, release our karma and the beautiful nature given to human beings. 
Ancestral healing helps cleanse and heal the karma of the family and ancestors reaching back more than eight generations. It is a sacred practice to be undertaken with a sincere heart and devotion.

The influence of ancestors
We believe to heal oneself it is important to heal our history, our ancestors. Many people find that there are blockages with their emotions or in their lives which they struggle to change despite years of self-development or spiritual practices. There are areas of their life of familys life which are just always difficult or “blocked”.
Ancestral healing is a process to regain respect and connection with our history and ultimately the source and heal any negative energy or karma that still lingers in the family or from previous generations.


1. In recent years there has been an increasing interest in people researching their family history. It is also becoming more acceptable in the scientific community although it is not yet fully understood, that our ancestors have contributed quite considerably to our own health and wellbeing and that of future generations. We are, unknowingly, deeply affected by our ancestors’ lives. Their history is written in every cell of our bodies, and much of our character and personality traits may also have been influenced by them. to understand how our family’s history may be affecting us, we need to understand how human life is created, not just from a biological perspective but also from an energetic point of view.
When we are conceived, our ancestors’ physical features, emotions and behavior patterns are not only programmed into our genetic make-up but also our energy system. Their life experiences, memories, emotional pain, health problems and even addictions can be passed down to us and carried forward to future generations which, over time, may develop into physical and mental symptoms.
We understand the impact ancestors have on our lives and introduce a unique method which changes these inherited energy patterns.


2. People believe that the spiritual world is far removed from the visible, human world. However the two exist together like two sides of a coin. The invisible world is just another dimension of the world we live in. We just cannot see or touch it, but its influence is far-reaching in our lives.
Our Ancestors think, worry and feel pain in much the same way as they did when they were alive. After death the frequency of our ancestors prevents them from returning to their spiritual origin, so they must stay in the spirit world at a level which matches their own frequency. In this world, ancestors exist as energy fields that surround us, influencing our family many generations after their death.
Most ancestors mean no harm or ill-will to their descendants. They gave birth to us and still carry with them the love and care of parents. However, the vibration created by the emotions and pain they are still carrying can reach out and influence our lives in a harmful way.
Dark or troubled spirits that cannot change the pain of their former lives are attracted like a magnet to their descendants, who have a similar vibration. These ancestral spirits are desperate for help to relieve their personal suffering. They have a cold “energy body” carrying vibrations of a dark mind, attachment, pain and regret. Those Ancestors who were very negative or who died suddenly, in a state of shock or from suicide can interfere and connect with us in a way that can weaken our physical health and mental wellbeing. The dark or heavy energy of our ancestors can be likened to the unhealthy root of a tree. It is hard for this tree to produce healthy fruit. If our ancestors’ lives were troubled, full of ill-health and negativity, it will be difficult to build a healthy and happy life.
For a tree to bear good fruit it must have strong and healthy roots. Similarly the health and happiness of our lives is intrinsically linked with our ancestral history. We are a product of our ancestors’ lives and need to heal our ancestors’ karma in order to heal ourselves.

3. These days it is common for people to be influenced by the spirits of their ancestors. In the same way that an old building holds its history and can have a heavy or dark feeling or energy depending on what has happened there, people reflect the history of their ancestors and what has happened to them. Our ancestors’ emotions and pain are easily held in our own body and mind. 

Goodhearted and bright ancestors have a positive influence on the family after death. However, people who died with emotional or physical pain are often desperate for our help and invariably tune to their living family members. When we deplete our own energy levels and carry emotional & mental stress from our own lives, we are more vulnerable to their influence. 
There are times when this influence is so strong that the spirit is known to enter our body changing our thoughts and behavior; we often describe people as doing something, “completely out of character”. Especially when we are run-down or negative, our aura is weakened, opening the way to influence from troubled ancestors.

Symptoms of Spiritual Influence
The following list of symptoms does not automatically suggest one has a case of spiritual interference, but is offered as a guide:

• Always tired and lethargic
• Attitude becomes critical and negative
• Being depressed and gloomy, wanting to be alone
• Loss of self-confidence
• No interest in anything
• Sensitive and suffer from social phobias
• Not sociable in school or in the workplace
• Losing ability to concentrate
• Troubled dreams / nightmaresu
• Insomnia
• Acts too young or too old for one’s age

4. Biologically, human life begins when egg is fertilized by sperm, but energetically it is created when the opposite energies of yin and yang meet. The father’s yang energy joins with the mother’s yin energy. This makes the spark that creates light, which is the original light of creation that we carry in us throughout our lives. Human conception is a recreation of the original light created at the birth of the universe. From light, particles of matter began to form and, billions of years later, we have a universe teeming with life. Life, therefore, at its most fundamental level is light, energy and vibration. It is the movement and harmonious relationship of yin and yang where body, mind and spirit coexist as one.
One of Science’s most fundamental laws is the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. All matter is made of atoms, and the human being is a complex arrangement of atoms that ultimately can never be destroyed. If we think of body, mind and spirit like water in its solid, liquid and gaseous states respectively, the solid state is dense, visible and has a finite shape and form; the liquid state is fluid, formless and the dynamic equilibrium between solid and gas; and the gaseous state is invisible and eternal. Both solid and liquid
can melt and evaporate away, but the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up the gaseous state never disappear. The solid, liquid and gaseous phases are composed of the same atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Likewise, body, mind and spirit are the same, and whatever affects one will also impact on the others.
Our spirit is our original state. It is the light created at conception, the same original light that created the universe. This inherited light, which is our true self, connects us to the universe and supports our mind and body.
The mind, which creates our thoughts and emotions, is the link between the spirit and body. During our lifetime, the mind has the power to affect the health of the body by enhancing or blocking the circulation of energy which, in turn, impacts on the brightness of the spirit.
When we die, our spirit separates from our body. The body belongs to nature and returns to the earth but, as energy never dies, the spirit lives on eternally. However, when people die carrying disease, pain, regrets, or deep attachments to the physical world, the spirit loses its original brightness and is unable to return to its origin. The mind, therefore, plays a crucial role in changing and supporting the health of the body and brightness of the spirit. As each is dependent on the other, change can only take place during physical life when body, mind and spirit are
connected as one. Life is, therefore, the training ground for the evolution of spirit, mind and body, and whatever we do in this life is what we take with us following physical death.

How to heal our ancestors/The Program
1. Ancestral healing is a unique method that uses light (frequency), energy and sound (vibration) to change the spirit to its original state. This method enables descendants and future generations to be freed from any negative influences that may be impacting on their lives.
Healing ancestors is both an ancient tradition and a deep spiritual practice to respect past and future generations. It restores the brightness to the spirit and can be the foundation for the creation of harmony between our own body, mind and spirit. It is important to die with a bright spirit, so the spirit can return to its place of origin. However, strong emotions and attachments can tie the spirit of a person to the life, people and places that he or she left behind. We refer to this unresolved state as karma, a word often used in Hinduism and other eastern traditions. This karma builds up as it is passed down from generation to generation, affecting our health, wellbeing and relationships. By changing these adverse energy patterns, we can ensure that future generations are not affected by them. Our ancestors are like the roots of a tree and our children are the fruit. If the roots are healthy and strong, so is the fruit. Similarly, our health and happiness are intrinsically linked with our ancestral history. We are a product of our ancestors’ lives and need to clear our ancestors’ karma in order to fully change our own lives.


2. The family healing program focuses on changing negative patterns that are passed down through the generations of our family. Like the roots of a tree provide the nutrition to make the tree grow and produce good fruit, we are also connected to our roots, which are our parents and ancestors who created us. Their life patterns and emotional traits are passed down to us and may develop into physical and emotional symptoms, affecting our wellbeing.
The family healing programme helps us to remove inherited energy patterns. Many people find it can be the stimulus to release deep-rooted issues and promote better wellbeing and harmony.
• Family /Ancestor healing is a unique method to change the inborn energy pattern we have inherited from our ancestors that can adversely affect our health and wellbeing.
We are, unknowingly, deeply affected by our ancestors’ lives. Their history is written in every cell in our bodies and much of our thinking and emotional character may also have been influenced by them. When we are conceived we
inherit our ancestors’ history programmed into our DNA and energy system. We may be born with weaknesses in our energy system inherited from previous generations which, over time, may develop into physical and mental symptoms. These inherited patterns are very difficult to overcome by conventional healing methods.


3. The basic ancestral healing consists of four weekly sessions spread over a twenty four day period. It covers four generations of ancestors from different family branches.
The descendants play a crucial role in helping the ancestors return to their place of origin, as they are the bridge between their ancestors and this physical world. Using the analogy of a tree, a tree is only as healthy as its roots, but the trunk is what holds the tree and is the link between the roots and the fruit. We are the link between past and future generations and play a vital role in ensuring their wellbeing. Ancestral healing works through the use of specific sound vibrations that change the ancestors’ frequency to the original frequency, which is often changed
by living in the material world. Sound is also a conductor of energy and light, which helps to elevate the ancestors to a brighter level. Many years of disciplined and rigorous training are required in order for a practitioner to conduct ancestral healing. For relatives who died in the last three years or those who died tragically, a longer and more intensive program may be required. This is because these ancestors are still under a much stronger influence from their physical lives.

Other more advanced programs may also be undertaken, as required.

4. Ancestral healing is a program that comes from an ancient tradition of respect and reverence for ancestors. Ancient people understood that there is a connection in families that reaches out even after death. They would spend much time offering food and ceremonies to their ancestors with the belief that the blessing would be returned to them from the invisible world.
The ancestral healing programs involve ceremonies to heal our ancestors. The ceremonies provide a method to purify their spirit after death and help to relieve their pain and suffering, brightening them and the energy around us. Cultivated and bright ancestors provide a positive and guiding influence for the next generation.
The ceremonies consist mainly of chanting special sound vibrations to cleanse and purify the energy of our ancestors, which helps to change the vibration around us and our family. Some of the chants are chanted together by all those attending the ceremony and specific chants are also recited by the leading master. They are beautiful and moving to listen to. People often feel much lighter after each ceremony as the ancestors’ energy is more purified. At least one family member must attend every ceremony.

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