Online Qi Classes

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Qi classes are broadcast live for you to join in from wherever you are in the world.

Qi classes run on a flexible timetable.

Monthly membership allows you to join any class in the centre or online, working at your own pace through the steps with the support of the Qi master.

1. Chanting

A one hour Qi class begins with chanting vibrational sounds.

Although unfamiliar at first, the sound works to open the major energy centres and tune the body to receive Qi (energy), leaving participants feeling clear, calm and focused.
They then follow a series of energy movements to create a smooth circulation of Qi throughout the energy meridians.

2. Movements

​The movements change and develop as the participant progresses through the programme.

Energy movements detoxify the body and open different energy channels until the entire system is connected. Movements can be adapted depending on an individual’s health condition and flexibility.

3. Meditation

Finally, a Qi class ends with meditation designed for self-reflection and clearing the mind. By receiving energy first through the chanting and movements the process of meditation is deeper and more effective. Meditation helps to absorb and digest energy received during the class.

After the class participants generally feel calm, clear, detoxified and energised. As a spiritual practise the connection to energy and personal development grows with each class.


Membership is monthly or annual
$200 monthly membership
$2,000 annual membership - $400 saving!
If you are not sure how regularly you can attend classes, you can buy a 10 classes voucher for $300 This is valid for six months.

The Daily Qi class

1. The Qi classes are a self-healing and self- development program to restore our innate spirituality and maintain energy and wellbeing. They involve chanting, gentle movements and stretching followed by meditation. 

Chanting opens the energy pathways and pores, calming the mind and connecting us to the source. Gentle movements guide energy around the body, releasing everyday toxins and tension helping you to regain optimum wellbeing. Meditation heals the mind and releases the negative emotions, judgments and clutter that affect our health and daily life. 

2. The philosophy of Qi classes is deeply rooted in the laws of nature and originates from a time when martial arts were taught for healing and self-development. Our classes help you regain your original clear, bright and positive self and lead a life which is in harmony with nature and people around you. 

A Qi class involves chanting, gentle movements and meditation. Each class lasts one hour and you work through a series of steps designed to stimulate the circulation of energy throughout your body. The classes help you to manage your energy levels, release deep rooted emotional patterns and achieve greater balance in your life. 

3. Qi Classes are based on an Eastern philosophy which understands that good health depends on the balance between body, mind and spirit. They enable you to learn how to receive energy and release both physical and emotional blockages. It is a spiritual training consisting of specific manners and etiquette mainly found in the East. These manners help you to focus on your training and let go of the stresses and thoughts of daily life. 

Many health problems are a result of many years of accumulated physical and mental patterns that require a more thorough understanding of the root causes. 

Qi classes are the method by which you can gain deeper insight into yourself and the patterns you are carrying in your body and mind. When energy flows freely through the body, the mind has insights that may result in long-term physical and emotional changes. 

The classes consists of using chanting to open the energy channels, slow motions to circulate energy to all the organs and systems of the body, and meditation to clear the mind of the obstructions that prevent the body’s self-regenerative capacity.

4. Qi Classes are based on an ancient system of healing to restore the smooth circulation of energy within the body. It is a unique process that helps us receive Original Qi energy. The classes help open the energy system in order to restore the natural flow of Qi around the body; this in turn enables toxins to be released and our internal battery of energy to be recharged.
The classes are based on an eastern philosophy which understands that good health depends on the balance between body, mind and spirit.

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