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1. Oneness Qi Treatment is an authentic Qi healing treatment from South Korea. It opens the energy meridians stimulating the smooth flow of Qi energy in the body whilst releasing tension and deep-rooted stress from the mind. The practitioner presses acupressure points and uses a breathing technique and touch to transmit Qi energy into the body. The result is a feeling of clarity, energy and calm. 

Qi Practitioners follow an intensive training program to be able to transfer Qi energy to the client. 

2. Qi practitioners work with an eastern healing approach, using a combination of acupressure and sound. With each treatment, deep tension is released form the body and the body's energy levels are renewed. Each session lasts for 45 minutes. 

3. During a Qi treatment, Qi practitioners use acupressure to stimulate energy and blood flow, whilst using a breathing technique to create a sound vibration. This ancient, Eastern technique helps to release tension and stress, detoxifies the body and has a calming effect on the mind and emotions.

4. Sound is used as the medium to open the energy channels and move energy, as sound penetrates through matter. Hence, the effectiveness of ultrasound scans. The treatment clears energy blockages, removes negative energy and toxins that accumulate as a result of poor energy circulation, and revitalises the energy system.

5. Qi treatment is an energy treatment given by specially trained Qi masters. Qi masters transmit vital Qi energy which opens and releases energy blockages, enabling you to feel relaxed, revitalised and relief from tension and pain. During a Qi treatment the Qi masters use a combination of sound and acupressure to open energy blockages and stimulate the circulation of energy along the energy pathways. They use a natural breathing technique (a ‘ssshh‘ sound) to transmit the Qi energy. This sound vibration carries energy more easily and deeper into the body than touch alone.

6. Qi Treatment originates from South Korea from ancient oriental wisdom, and helps promote the body's own natural healing ability. 

Following similar principles to acupuncture, but without using needles, specially trained Qi Masters press acupressure points all over the body to stimulate energy and blood flow. At the same time, they use a natural breathing technique to transmit Qi energy to strengthen and support body and mind.

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